Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa Sighting

Santa stopped by the library today for a visit. Our local library is tiny, but we love it. When I was a kid, my mom and I read through our entire tiny library and I think that is absolutely doable at our current tiny library with Sora.
This season started with an intense fear/hatred of Santa. Sora was invited to a party where she was guaranteed presents (she got a doll, pillow, gloves and more last year) but in order to get the presents, we had to see Santa, so Sora decided she would rather not go to the party. We've been playing up the "game" of Santa a lot lately (I got the idea of using Santa as a pretend game from this book) and Sora is slowly catching on to the fun pretendness of Santa. She wrote him a letter (which says "Santa, I've been good. [random picture] Sora") and asked him for a pink crayon so that she could give it to her friend Walker. This is the only thing she has asked for this year. I think it all started at the grocery store daycare (which Sora loves and we use almost every week). They were making stars with kid's Christmas requests and putting them on the window. There must have been a pink crayon nearby, because that is what Sora put on her star and it's been her only constant request ever since. Don't worry Sora - I think that Santa might find a pink crayon for you after all.
In addition to giving Santa her letter, she also gave him one of her dough ornaments she made. It's nice to think of Santa getting presents too.

The library was also offering story time sporadically throughout the day. Since this is a small town, and the 3 librarians are all super sweet and know us all by name, this meant that the librarian just sat down and read books to Sora while Kyle and I looked for own own items. Here is Sora picking out a book on tape. If you were to look at our home library, you would think we don't own any books because 90% of Sora's shelf is filled with stuff from the library (we have our own mini library downstairs, but Sora likes a lot of variety in her book reading).

Side note: I think this was the first time we've attempted to put Sora in tights since she was 1. She didn't know what they were or understand how they work and took a lot of convincing to put them on. We obviously don't have a lot of fancy occasions here in the Northwoods. And Sora only has 1 party dress, so you'll be seeing a lot of pictures of it in the next few weeks. Luckily it's adorable!

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