Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Typical Week

Here is a glimpse into our typical activities. 

Basket heads with some friends.
 LOTS of Wedgit building.
 A little face painting. Sora made herself into a clown and me into a cat.
Sora plays birthday several times a week. This typically involves her playing pin the tail on the horse or donkey (this is a horse) and musical chairs. I made the mistake of teaching her how to use the remote to the computer so she likes to skip and pause songs often. This works well for musical chairs and for annoying her mother.
I also recently taught Sora how to use the camera. She is still finding her viewpoint, but as you can see it involves taking extreme close ups of ordinary things. We could make it a game of guess what since some of them are a little tricky to figure out.
It has been extremely cold lately with highs below 0 (F) so we have spent much of our time inside (and are obviously now reaching extreme levels of entertainment).

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