Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back to Normal

After almost two weeks, Sora and I are both flu free. Luckily neither of us had more than a nasty cold and a few other side effects. There was a lot of sleeping involved, even naps several days in a row which is a true sign of sickness with Sora. This week, Kyle's been gone at a conference so Sora and I have had to fend for ourselves. Today after Sora's gymnastics and swim class, she had the choice of going to a fun toy store (the kind with all of the toys to play with AND buy, not like Toys R Us where you just look at stuff in boxes) and spend $5 or go to the kid's museum. I thought this would be a no brainer, but she had a hard time making the decision. She was leaning towards the store, which surprised me, but then remembered the fire pole at the museum. She loves the fire pole.

There was a lot of dramatic play, of course. Fire fighting:

 Football playing:
 I had her say "Go Hawks" so that she wouldn't be too brainwashed by the Packer's exhibit.

Restaurant Chef:
And fisherman:
 There was also a lot of sandbox exploration, including many sand snow angels.

We worked in the lighthouse, guiding a sailboat to safety, explored a tree house and found many woodland animals, bought and sold flowers at the flower shop, and measured feet and matched shoes at the shoe store. Just another full afternoon at the kid's museum!

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