Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hawaiian Vacation: Part 1

Sora and I are having a great time on our adventures. She has been having fun playing with grandmas camera, watching the turtles and whales, and of course spending time with her grandparents. I lost my luggage because I foolishly gate checked it when I shouldn't have and spent the first day of our trip anxiously waiting for my bag to be delivered. Other than that, our travels were very smooth and Sora has mostly been a sweet happy little girl.

Here is Sora at the airport in Maui. She was so excited to see her grandma and papa D! I had some baggage snags which made for a long discussion with a nice baggage lady and a 24 hour delay on my main baggage, but Sora was happily distracted by grandma to even notice (although she keeps asking me to tell her the story of my lost bag). Luckily, less than 24 hours after landing, my bag was driven to me to be reunited once more. Thanks United!
Dad and I celebrated my bag's return with a run! My mother, of course, is responsible for the matching outfits.
We were lucky to have this happy turtle hang out on the small beach in front of our condo a few times.
We took Sora to the aquarium. It worked out well, as there was some rain that day, and Sora got to see a lot of fish, sharks, eels, sting rays, turtles and other local sea life. Mom and I learned about coral and got to see a lot of it up close and personal when we went snorkeling while dad played on the beach with Sora later in the week.
Here we are walking under a sting ray. We also got to see a diver in the shark tank who could talk to us which was really cool. He was feeding one of the sting rays, so that was neat to watch too.
Our condo had a small beach right out front. Here are Sora and dad building sandcastles. This is the first day we were here, because later that day, she got knocked down by a big wave and was terrified of the waves afterwards. She wouldn't set foot near the ocean on our wavy beach after that!
Luckily, not all the beachces were so rough. We found a beach near by with a protected swim area that Sora loved.
These pictures were for Kyle - I thought he would be proud of his adventurous daughter! She did fall off a tree later in the week, but at least she was up there chasing the boys.

My wonderful parents who let us crash their relaxing vacation with a not-so-relaxing little girl and didn't complain once!

My mom promised Sora shaved ice everyday we were in Hawaii. Really! That is a promise only a grandma could make. We did miss a day, but made up for it with ice cream under the shaved ice. Sora's favorite, of course, was rainbow. We also saw a few rainbows while we were in Hawaii, of course, but didn't get any pictures.
When we got off the plane, after finding grandma, Sora wanted to know where the hula dancers were. Since we weren't planning on going to a luau until later in the week, we watched a free show at the mall. I'm not sure how much Sora liked it, but there were 3 little 10 year olds and 3 grown ups and I thought it was pretty cute.

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