Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Winter is finally here with a vengeance. The snow from solstice is still on the ground, and a few more inches fell this past weekend. The temperatures are too cold to even say out loud, so there is no chance of any snow melting any time soon. For the most part, our family loves winter! Kyle and I love to cross country ski, and have a great trail system right here at camp. Sora loves to sled, snowshoe, ice skate, and just play in the snow in general. This past weekend, we had some campers here for the first time since Halloween. Sora was excited to see all the kids and eat meals in the dining hall. She even befriended a few of the girls, which doesn't happen often, and whenever we were outside, we had to find them and once we did find them, Kyle and I ceased to exist to our daughter. She sat at the girls' table for meals in the dining hall and when Kyle and I came to check in on her, she would say (with as much attitude as a 13 year old girl), "Go away." I'm sure it's only a matter of time before that statement is followed by "You're embarrassing me."

The kids have left and now we're just left with a bunch of snow on the ground, a rink on the frozen lake, a kid who loves playing outside but HATES getting dressed to go outside, and a very cold mom and dad! To entice getting dressed without tears, I created a game with cards of items that we need to put on. This weekend was the first time Sora tried skating on the lake this year. She has graduated from a double bladed skate last year to hockey skates this year. She practiced with her "friends" from camp this weekend, and she's getting a lot better.

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