Friday, January 18, 2013

Hawaii Vacation (Pre trip trip)

Sora and I are preparing for our real vacation by taking a pretend vacation to Hawaii. We read Luka's Quilt and made leis with lots of colors. 
Then, Sora practiced making her own quilt. She picked out the fabric from my scraps while I bit my tongue. Then, I modge podged them onto magnet sheets, cut them into triangles and Sora went to town.
We read The Woman in the Moon and made tapas by pounding brown paper bags and stamping them with paint and various kitchen utensils to try to make nature patterns like flowers and leaves.

We read Punia and the King of the Sharks and practiced surfing while watching surf music videos. We also decorated our surf boards.
We read Hawaii is a Rainbow and practiced our hula skills. There were some happier scenes before this, I promise. We also did some weaving after being inspired by the book.
 I hope our real trip is as eventful as our pretend trip was. I have a feeling it will be all this and more!
And this is the face of an almost 4 year old on a daily basis. It's a little irritating, especially when these tears are about the desire to eat every 20 minutes all day long. It's a good thing she's so stinking cute. And funny.

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Anonymous said...

I am an art teacher and stumbled on your blog while adding a post. Thanks for sharing this fun pre-trip adventure - what great ideas you have (esp. the modge podge magnets) and also thanks for putting the links to the books you all read - it was nice to click them to see if they would work for one of upcoming lessons. Thanks again.