Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday Girl

We weren't expecting to celebrate Sora's birthday in Washington until my grandmother passed away just before our Hawaiian vacation and our travel plans were rerouted. We made the best of it and Sor and I spent the day before grandma's funeral celebrating Sora's 4th birthday.
I left our presents in Wisconsin since we didn't have room in our luggage, so Sora will have more presents when we get home.
After presents (4 for her 4th birthday), we had cottage cheese pancakes with syrup and sprinkles.
Today was Play n Learn Storytime at the local library. It invovled shakers, moon dough, playdough, songs, finger play, project, math manipulatives, stamping, and of course stories. Sora loved it!

Afterwards, we went to my favorite bakery (that we went to earlier this week). Sora enjoyed a large sugar cookie and finished her half bread stick, cup of split pea soup and almost her entire cookie. We also met a friend of mine there for lunch who Sora will be playing with tomorrow during the funeral service.
I put the finishing touches on Sora's chocolate rainbow cupcakes and we got to sing happy birthday and blow out her candles at home after lunch. Sora also got to play with my cousin who is close to her age. She forgot all about party games and just played happily with her friend, which worked out well for everyone!
After the playing was all done, we went to dinner at Appleby's. Sora got a yummy dessert and didn't have to have people sing happy birthday again (which made her very happy).
And here's a picture of her dessert - she smiled nicely so many times today so that we could share the day with her daddy who unfortunately had to stay back at camp and work with the kids. Luckily we will see him in only a few more days!

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