Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Washington Vacation: Part 1

It has been a nice, relaxing vacation so far in Washington! 
My parents have more toys and books at their house than we do at our house it seems. Sora and I have been having a lot of fun overcoming the design challenges of this plastic flimsy marble run.
Sora was also super excited to ride on Dakota, papa's horse. She asked nicely several times and yesterday it was dry enough to take her out for a spin. Sora had three turns and would have kept going if it wasn't so cold. I think she'll be riding on her own this summer!
Yesterday I took her and mom to Honk, the musical about the ugly duckling. It was super long, so we only lasted through the first half, but the part we saw was great! Mom and I took Sora to a play last year for her birthday in Wisconsin, so maybe this will become a birthday tradition (although it seems like Mom and I enjoy this more than Sora does at this point).
Today, on Sora's birthday eve, we went to my favorite toy store and Sora picked out a fun xylophone-type instrument. We also went to the art museum which has a new large Family Interactive Gallery (FIG). It was larger and more fun than I expected. We ended up playing for an hour and 15 min and could have gone longer. I also made Sora go through the art section of the museum, trying to give her some impromptu art education (something we don't get many opportunities to do on outings near our house).
This museum pleasantly suprised me, and it will definately be on our list of things to do next summer!

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