Monday, March 11, 2013

Professional Skiier

Just another thing to add to the long list of things that Sora will not be as she gets older. Okay, there's still a possibility, but her skiing career did not start this weekend as I had planned. Kyle and I spent the weekend snowboarding up near Lake Superior. We had signed Sora up for 2 ski lessons and had planned on skiing with her (well, we would be snowboarding) but after about 15 minutes of the first lesson, Sora decided she had absolutely no interest in the rope tow. I can't really blame her - it scares even me! Anyway, after a failed attempt with her instructor and more failed attempts later with me and Kyle we decided that this is not the year to debut Sora the downhill skiier. Hopefully next year the conditions will be more right - a magic carpet instead of a rope tow, snowboarding instead of skiing, and a female instead of male instructor, a 5 year old instead of a 4 year old, and I think we might have the perfect makings for a professional snowboarding start. We'll keep you updated.

The rest of our ski vacation went smoothly with a nice dinner with friends, a nice swim in the hotel pool, a decent drive (considering it was 3 hrs each way), and a 4 year old who was very content in daycare. Overall a nice end to our winter (although we got another 3" of snow overnight, so winter clearly isn't over yet).

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