Monday, March 4, 2013

Sewing 101

This week, we are focusing on The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills (we've been using Five in a Row for the past few weeks and we're really enjoying it). I thought this would be the perfect time to get Sora started on sewing! Emily, Sora's Raggedy Ann doll, has been without a mattress pad in her crib. I picked out the scraps, Sora sewed them, I cut them into squares while Sora threw away the extra fabric. She arranged them into their pattern, then determined the right side and wrong side of each fabric, pinned them together, and operated the foot portion of the sewing machine. After we sewed each piece, she raised the needle and the presser foot and snipped the threads. She sewed the entire quilt top with me yesterday. After she went to bed, I added some quilt batting and back fabric and put it on the crib. Perfect fit! Emily told Sora she still needed a pillow, so hopefully we'll be sewing again soon!

On a side note, Sora hasn't typically been a doll kid, but she is really into Emily and Walker (AKA Raggedy Andy). I love that these are the dolls she has decided to become attached to.

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