Monday, March 18, 2013

Winter Continues

I think we are starting to get the winter-is-never-going-to-end blues here in Wisconsin. We've been spending way too much time inside. Luckily, we have plenty of ways to fill our time. Here are some of the latest:
 According to Sora, this is a drawing of a sun with worms or snakes involved.

This is a picture of a fairy and her papa (her dad who has the red snow shovel in his hands) outside their house. The papa is of course shoveling snow. I'm not sure where she gets this idea as I don't think she has ever seen her dad shovel snow once in her lifetime.

Sora loves taking pictures. She has her own camera (a real one and a pretend one) but of course prefers to use mine. Here is life from her perspective:

 After being inspired by Word World, Sora decided she wanted to build a rocket. Here we are selecting the perfect button and computer materials to use. Somehow her astronaut apparel looks like her fireman's vest.

 We had limited boxes on hand, but it looks like she'll have to grow into this rocket ship a bit.
 And just when you think: it snowed on Saturday, March 16, so it must be done snowing, you are proved wrong with another 2"+ inches of snow which piles quite nicely on the foot of snow that is still remaining on the ground.

It's hard to appreciate the true essence of snow that this picture captures. First, we have the 2 new inches of snow. Then, we have the entire winter's worth of snow that has been plowed onto our yard and of course never melted. I think the base is made up of the igloo we created on Solstice. Anyway, it has turned into one of many "mountains" that Sora loves to climb on at camp. She climbs to the top and says "I claim this Mount Sora" then slides down on her bottom.

With spring just two days away, I think perhaps it is skipping over our house this year and we'll just be catching up with everyone else once Summer arrives.

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