Saturday, April 20, 2013


Sora is becoming fiercely independent these days and she's turning into a kid right before our eyes! She will spend hours in her room by herself talking to her grandparents on the iPad (which of course she can operate by herself to call them) when they have time to chat or read to her. She has started "helping" in the dining hall more and the first thing she wants to do when we go for a meal is to see if anyone needs help setting up, running the meal, or cleaning at the end. She is retaining more information too and during our home preschool time, she will often stop in mid thought to run and get a book that illustrates her point (we've been focusing on birds this week and there were times when she would run and get a birding book to show me a bird or egg that we were discussing). She is also turning into a little reader who is happy to read by herself. She even ordered by herself at the restaurant this morning which is something I've been trying to get her to do for a while! By doing so, she got way more food and spent more money than Kyle on her breakfast. Of course, all this independence comes with a strong 15 year old attitude, but we'll take what we can get!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reasons to Smile

The first signs of life after a very long winter.

A day that's not too cold to play in the puddles and get muddy.

A husband who will wear this silly outfit to take his daughter to All You Can Eat Wings by himself because I hate wings so much.

And a daughter who thinks that she should wear a tie to look fancy because her dad does.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Shelter from the (wintery) Storm

Winter continues and Sora is still happily exploring the snow.

We decided to seek some warmth and happiness indoors. The candy store always puts us in a good mood.

The best thing about the candy store is that we can go in and only get 1 candy each and Sora is really good about not asking for more than one.

We also went to the kid's museum after parent day of Sora's swim and t-ball class. I haven't been swimming with Sora for a while, so it was amazing to see how much better she is getting! She still hates getting water in her eyes (even if they're closed). They put this long pole in the water that the kids use to push themselves under and Sora doesn't like it. Last week, her sub teacher let her skip it all together. This week we had talked about trying things we don't like and how it's important to do what your teacher says. Anyway, when it came time for the pole, she tried but didn't go all the way under. Then, after all the other kids went, Sora decided to try again and went all the way under!

Okay, back to the kid's museum - Sora loves anything that involves dress up. She really loves the fire truck and the outfit. We also took turns helping ships from the lighthouse and working in the shoe store.

Of course, as it was Green Bay, there is a big Packer's exhibit which Sora loves to dress up in at every opportunity!

And although spring is apparently never coming to our neck of the woods, at least our power hasn't gone out all winter and the snow is not quite as deep as it was a few weeks ago. Hopefully it melts before May!