Friday, May 31, 2013

Parent Day

Yesterday was Parent Day at Sora's soccer and swim class. We skipped swimming for a dentist appt. instead (I think swimming might have been more fun), but we did make it to the soccer class. Sora is a wiggly kiddo who would rather hop and play by herself than do organized games unless she likes the game or thinks she might be good at it. If she thinks that she wouldn't be really good at something, she won't try it. Just before I took these pictures of her knocking over bottles with the soccer ball, the teachers wanted to play red light green light with dribbling the soccer balls. Sora decided it sounded too hard and was planning on sitting it out. At the beginning of the class, we had an obstacle course race, which the teachers commented was the most Sora's participated all class. 

 She seems to be a little more involved in swim class though and has moved up a level! She'll be swimming on her own before we know it. She got a chance to show off all her mad swimming skills to her grandma this past weekend. I didn't get many pictures, but I'm sure there will be a post about our trip soon.

Something she is really good at and confidant at is being a camp kid. We have had thunderstorms and warm rain and puddles lately and Sora has enjoyed playing in the mud.

Maybe she's meant to be a naturalist rather than a soccer star. I think I'm okay with that.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Recent Fun

 Here's a glimpse into our world lately:
This was our culminating project from our Lorax themed week. Sora helped make the truffula trees and if you look closely you can see the Once-ler on the bulldozer. This is also staged in the super-awesome sink on our porch!

This is from our take-apart project. This reminded me of my old days at Pacific Science Center! We dissected two toys and a keyboard. We found motors, gears, speakers and lots of keys!

This is one of Kyle's favorite recent pictures of Sora devouring her plate of kale and asparagus. We also had some meat, but after eating all of her vegetables, she said, "Can I have more kale and asparagus?" Either Kyle is an excellent chef, or Sora's an excellent eater (or maybe both).

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Milwaukee Adventures

 Last weekend, we took our first ever trip to Milwaukee. It was prompted by a need of new summery clothing and my love of the kid's department at H&M, but it ended up being a great trip.

Sora and I explored the kids museum while Kyle explored some local breweries. Sora customized her own Harley and did a lot of other exploration.

From the museum, we saw a park filled with kites. It was right on the lake, so it must be breezy there often. Luckily, I always have a kite in the car for opportunities like this.
 We also explored the domes and tromped around in a tropical, desert, and flower biomes.

 The tropical dome had some pretty crazy plants!

 And the desert dome made me miss Southern California. I've been reading some desert books to Sora lately that, especially after our never ending winter this year, have me longing to move.
 There are several riverwalks in town and we strolled along one of them.

 We also stopped at the Market. It's a year round market, but is pretty small. It's cute though, and Sora and I scored a free baby artichoke from this yummy looking vegetable stand.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Screen Free Week

This was our best screen free week ever! Okay, it's only our second annual, but it was a lot of fun. It coincided with the beginning of spring nicely. Here are some of the highlights:

We were finally able to put together out outdoor play area! Here is Sora's garden (complete with fake flowers to plant and harvest at will and a tic tac toe).
 A number walk. There are 8, which Sora helped me paint, but she likes to pretend there are 10. We are working on skip counting (counting by 2s or 3s) but somehow the exact idea has translated into counting "1, 3, 5, 7". You can also see the balance beam on the far end in front of the car.
Oh, and I made the adorable picnic table myself (for $11!). I'm pretty proud. Sora helped pick out the color and paint it with me. In fact, I couldn't get her to take off her painting smock so that is the "dress" she is wearing in these pictures.
Here is the banging wall. There is also a sink with a basin filled with water and one filled with sand. Not pictured is Sora's secret hide out (under a tree), her swing, and her water wall.
 We spent a lot of time exploring. We caught some frog eggs and listened to the nightly frog concert out on the marsh. Here Sora is playing with her net while in a great puddle.
 We took some time to go to Cathedral Pines - one of our favorite spots! It was protected from foresters so there are huge trees and tons of Great Blue Herons. For preschool this week, Sora and I focused on The Lorax, so we pretended the Herons were swameeswans and that the Lorax lived in Cathedral Pines.
 Sora even has her own official explorer badge! And her sweet explorer vest was one of her screen free week surprises.

We finally got to visit our friend Morgan's horse, Lloyd. Sora LOVED riding Lloyd. She's pretty quiet about her horse love, but thanks to her grandma and papa D, she's a big fan of riding horses. She wants to go see Lloyd again very soon!
On Saturday, to round out our fun week, we went to Healthy Kids Day. Kyle had to work the camp booth, but Sora had fun dancing on stage, getting slimy, and just playing!
Afterwards, we headed to Bay Beach which is the cheapest most awesome 4 year old amusement park ever. Here we are on the tilt a whirl (which cost $1.50 for all 3 of us to ride - we spent $3 total on tickets and Sora got to ride 6 other rides besides this one).
 Sora rode all the rides with her dolly. Dolly's favorite was the race cars.
After our fun day, we headed down for an afternoon of shopping in Milwaukee. Hopefully there will be a Milwaukee post soon! We will be changing our screen time structure in our house based on the huge success (for the adults too) of this week - wish us luck!