Saturday, May 11, 2013

Milwaukee Adventures

 Last weekend, we took our first ever trip to Milwaukee. It was prompted by a need of new summery clothing and my love of the kid's department at H&M, but it ended up being a great trip.

Sora and I explored the kids museum while Kyle explored some local breweries. Sora customized her own Harley and did a lot of other exploration.

From the museum, we saw a park filled with kites. It was right on the lake, so it must be breezy there often. Luckily, I always have a kite in the car for opportunities like this.
 We also explored the domes and tromped around in a tropical, desert, and flower biomes.

 The tropical dome had some pretty crazy plants!

 And the desert dome made me miss Southern California. I've been reading some desert books to Sora lately that, especially after our never ending winter this year, have me longing to move.
 There are several riverwalks in town and we strolled along one of them.

 We also stopped at the Market. It's a year round market, but is pretty small. It's cute though, and Sora and I scored a free baby artichoke from this yummy looking vegetable stand.

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