Friday, May 31, 2013

Parent Day

Yesterday was Parent Day at Sora's soccer and swim class. We skipped swimming for a dentist appt. instead (I think swimming might have been more fun), but we did make it to the soccer class. Sora is a wiggly kiddo who would rather hop and play by herself than do organized games unless she likes the game or thinks she might be good at it. If she thinks that she wouldn't be really good at something, she won't try it. Just before I took these pictures of her knocking over bottles with the soccer ball, the teachers wanted to play red light green light with dribbling the soccer balls. Sora decided it sounded too hard and was planning on sitting it out. At the beginning of the class, we had an obstacle course race, which the teachers commented was the most Sora's participated all class. 

 She seems to be a little more involved in swim class though and has moved up a level! She'll be swimming on her own before we know it. She got a chance to show off all her mad swimming skills to her grandma this past weekend. I didn't get many pictures, but I'm sure there will be a post about our trip soon.

Something she is really good at and confidant at is being a camp kid. We have had thunderstorms and warm rain and puddles lately and Sora has enjoyed playing in the mud.

Maybe she's meant to be a naturalist rather than a soccer star. I think I'm okay with that.

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