Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Recent Fun

 Here's a glimpse into our world lately:
This was our culminating project from our Lorax themed week. Sora helped make the truffula trees and if you look closely you can see the Once-ler on the bulldozer. This is also staged in the super-awesome sink on our porch!

This is from our take-apart project. This reminded me of my old days at Pacific Science Center! We dissected two toys and a keyboard. We found motors, gears, speakers and lots of keys!

This is one of Kyle's favorite recent pictures of Sora devouring her plate of kale and asparagus. We also had some meat, but after eating all of her vegetables, she said, "Can I have more kale and asparagus?" Either Kyle is an excellent chef, or Sora's an excellent eater (or maybe both).

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