Saturday, June 15, 2013

Road trip: part 1

Our trip to Washington is finally underway! We left early last Thursday morning. We stopped in Chippewa Falls for lunch and to enjoy their free zoo.
Sora loved petting Wilbur.
We stopped for the night at a wooded state park in Minnesota.
Despite some protests, Sora joined us for a short hike to the waterfall.
Friday, we headed to South Dakota. We enjoyed a new park in Sioux Falls before finding our campsite for the night. Our campground included use of a swimming pool which Sora loved.
Saturday included such exciting stops as Wall Drug (complete with donuts).
We also stopped at Storybook Island park in Rapid City (and a firehouse brewery for lunch).
We headed into Wyoming to stay at a natural bridge.
The campground was quiet and on a donation basis which is my favorite kind!
We started having car problems Saturday so we changed our route and headed to Cody rather than Grand Tetons. since everything in the state is closed on Sunday, we spent the day enjoying the town waiting for Monday to fix the car. Unfortunately for Maleah, the nightly shoot out isn't held on Sunday. However, luckily for Sora, a small carnival was in town. She enjoyed ice cream and a few rides (her first roller coaster).
Buffalo Bill is everywhere in town. Sora and Maleah went to the Buffalo Bill museum and learned all about Buffalo Bill and Yellowstone. Luckily, the tickets were good for two days, so we got to enjoy the museum while Kyle took the car to the shop.
Monday, after the car was fixed, we headed to Yellowstone. We saw lots of wildlife and hot water and mud.

We even drove through a thunder and hail storm and were rewarded with a rainbow!
Sadly, after this, our camera stopped working. We stayed at a park in Montana on Tuesday night. We also enjoyed some bakeries and the Lewis and Clark Caverns before reaching Spokane. Sora had a blast playing with the Ring kids and Kyle and I enjoyed the Ring adults. Charlie and Annie read all the books Sora asked them to without complaints. We look forward to camping with them later this summer!
We are now spending some time with Kyle's family and are enjoying a few nights in the same warm bed.

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Lori said...

I love that she had the whole roller coaster to herself for her first ride! I took pictures of the boys' first ride (you probably wouldn't have guessed that...) and more than half were of other kids because I kept missing them. : )

Looking forward to seeing you guys next month!