Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Dells

For Memorial Day weekend, my mom and uncle came to Wisconsin to visit us and to enjoy the self proclaimed Water slide Capital of the US. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate for us to enjoy the largest water slide in the US. Why they put it in WI is beyond me - TX or another warm southern state seems much more worthy!

We didn't take many pictures - we were too busy having fun! We did a lot of things. We spent an afternoon on a boat exploring the natural dells that make the region so beautiful.
 We enjoyed a science museum (more than I thought we would!). It was set up like a space mission and had the only complete Mir Space Station in existence.

 We also watched the Tommy Bartlett Show which was part water ski extravaganza part stage show. My uncle got to volunteer to be on stage which really made his day!

We went out to dinner on my birthday. I chose Chinese food, which Sora loved. We all used chopsticks and Sora impressed us with her knowledge of Chinese culture (according to Sora, they do some pretty bizarre things! She acutally uses this line a lot: "In China they..." or "African people do..." My favorite was the other day when she said, "Americans wipe their hands on their shirts". This was said while eating and wiping her hands on her shirt, making the statement true).
And of course, we spent a lot of time in the water. Sora grew more and more courageous and slid on many "big kid" slides. She preferred going on these medium slides by herself rather than going on larger slides with me. She didn't really like any lazy rivers and preferred splashing in the water rather than getting splashed by those huge buckets that dump every 5 minutes on almost all children's structures.
 Our resort had 4 outdoor and 4 indoor water slides. We enjoyed the indoor ones, but only spent a small amount of time outside. There was a huge loop slide we could see from our hotel room where people would go upside down in the loop. Many people didn't make it all the way through the loop and had to be let out the trap door at the bottom.

Hopefully we'll get a chance to visit the Dells when it's warmer outside before we leave WI in a few more years!

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