Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vacation Life: Week 2 in Ellensburg

As anticipated, we had a wonderful and relaxing week with Kyle's family in Ellensburg. Sora got a lot of grandma and papa time and even got to see her cousins!
Helping papa get the golf balls into the hole was more fun than golfing herself.
Sora loves to read and will read several books at a time to any willing audiences!

Of course, we spent some time at several playgrounds this week. Sora even got a free lunch at a park which she thoroughly enjoyed.
Sora was very excited to go fishing. She spent more time practicing and playing with her pole than actually fishing I think!
While Sora was fishing with her dad and papa, Kyle's mom and I were experiencing car troubles (in my car, of course). We called them for help and as they were leaving the fishing hole, they got a flat tire and had to fix their car before being able to come to our rescue. What perfect timing!
With a functional car (Kyle even replaced three parts himself while in Ellensburg!), we head off to my parents in the true Northwest to enjoy another fun week.

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