Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vacation Part 3: Bellingham

Sora was so excited to spend time with her papa and grandma D!
Her grandma was nice enough to let Sora wake her up every morning (at 6 AM) and spent most of each day playing with her.

Our trip was packed full of activities! Here are some of the highlights:

Sora loves riding the horse. Papa took her to a horse park and led her on a trail ride. She loved not only the park, but also getting to ride in his truck. "I can see everything from here" she told papa.
Of course, there were way too many sweet treats, including a stop at Rocket Donuts.
We went to Larabee State Park, which is one of my favorite places to explore. Sora loved it. It was a high tide, but we saw a ton of sea anemones and crabs. It was also super foggy.

It got hot while we were here, so we spent time playing outside. Sora loved her first slip n slide experience. 
She also loved Cooper. It's good he's so mild mannered. He smiles everything he sees us (which is the first time I've seen a dog actually smile).

Sora swam in Lake Padden, splashed at two spray parks, and waded in two great creeks.

We had a great time picking raspberries and strawberries too! Kyle got to sneak in some lap swim at the local Y and i got to run a few times at my ultimate favorite park. Now we're off to Seattle to enjoy an urban adventure for a few days.

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