Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back at Home

Our trip home was quick and packed with friends and camping. We spent a weekend camping with friends near the Grand Coolee Dam in WA before heading out East. We met some very nice people while on the side of the freeway in South Dakota - one of whom spent 2 hours and 2 trips to town in order to fix our car so we could be back on the road. We stayed with friends near Minneapolis before finally getting home.

The first thing we did was buy a new car and sell our old jeep! We are riding around in style in our new(er) Subaru Forester and are feeling like Washingtonians again. 

We have been home for two weeks and are enjoying a cool Wisconsin summer. We are lucky to live on a lake and have been taking advantage of the water with many firsts: paddle boarding, kayaking (Sora was in her very own kayak), and jumping on the water trampoline.

To celebrate our anniversary, we joined some friends at a local folk festival. Sora loved listening to the native storyteller, watching the Mexican Dancers, and showing off her mad dance skills. She was pretty disappointed there wasn't any yodeling (so was I), but we all had a great time regardless.

At home,Sora has been really into doing her own projects lately and will entertain herself for an hour with scissors and some art supplies (as long as she knows what room we are all in at all times).

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