Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation Part 6: Portland

For the last leg of our vacation, we headed to Portland for some sight seeing. Kyle was busy with beer all day while Sora and I played with Grandma! We had some car problems (as predicted), but we also had fun squeezing the whole city into a short weekend. Sora's favorite sights included Ikea, Costco, eating at food trucks, playing at lots of playgrounds, the Saturday Market, the street car, the children's museum, rose garden and lots of playing in water. She was a trouper and walked all over the city.

After the Oregon section of our vacation, we headed back to Washington for a few days to go camping with some friends. It was great - nice and warm with a refreshing lake to swim in that wasn't too cold for me (which is saying something). There were other kiddos to entertain Sora and other adults to entertain me and Kyle. Perfect (especially right before a long car ride)!
We managed to squeeze our trip home into 4 days instead of 6 and were home on Wednesday (despite more car problems). After a long, fun summer, we were all happy to sleep in our beds again!

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