Monday, September 23, 2013

Father Daughter Weekend

Sora has been a blur of motion lately! 

We played at the tire swings on the challenge course the other day. She surprised me by being able to cross all of them without getting down.

Sora's a fan of being outside in general. She can't pass up a stage opportunity though and has started making up her own elaborate repeat-after-me style camp songs. Her favorite thing to do outside is play on her swing in the yard, but she is a great hiker and likes our daily exploratory walks around camp. 
 We have been doing a lot of messy play lately. Sometimes it's a little messier than others. Here she is playing with shaving cream right before deciding to pretend it was shampoo (and really take the messiness up another notch).

I love light table pictures! I'm still perfecting the technique, so it's a good think Sora likes light table projects.

Kyle took her to Father Daughter weekend at camp. She was so excited to go to the dance, play capture the flag, and sleep on the top bunk. She had a long list of other things she wanted to do, but ended up forgoing most of them to stay in the cabin and play with her new friends. These 3 girls were so sweet and kind to play with Sora all weekend. She was in friend heaven!
 She has also been trained to say "Go Hawks" and wears her Seahawks dress whenever she can.
 There was a lot of junk food involved, including learning what Bugles and Skittle are.
 Here she is breaking out in a dance mid-project.
 Much time was spent in the cave with the other girls.

 She was very proud of the snail shells that she caught and painted.
Although Sora had to be reminded that it wasn't daughter/friend weekend a few times, she did a great job being fun and outgoing and had a great time with Kyle. Now if only the winter father/child weekend wasn't so far away!