Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life as Usual

Without a nice camera, I don't feel obligated to take pictures of all the small stuff lately. It's both good and bad of course. This means that this will be a picture-free post, but we did finally order a new camera which should arrive very soon.

We are officially back to our old routine. Sora started swim and gymnastics class last week. We are watching Walker three days a week, are going to play group, and are having Mother/Daughter Wednesdays. Sora starts dance class in October and is very excited. She is also excited for Halloween already and is oscillating between which of her dress up outfits she will wear (since I'm taking a Halloween costume making break this year).

September is a very busy month for Kyle at work with school groups and working every weekend. This also means that Sora has gotten to enjoy a lot of camp staff and campfires. Kyle is taking her to Father/Daughter weekend here at camp and she is very excited to stay in the cabin again.

While it's always a little bittersweet when the weather turns colder and summer is over, we are also looking forward to a fun, relaxing, quiet year at camp!

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