Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Leaf beds and silly hair

We have been spending a lot of time raking the leaves lately. Sora prefers naps over hard labor.

After our trip to the pumpkin patch last week, Sora and Kyle carved a jack o lantern. This was the first year Kyle followed Sora's drawing. Unfortunately, all the pumpkins we bought were a little over ripe, so they are going to the compost pile pretty soon.
Sora started a "real" dance class a few weeks ago. She has to wear a leotard and tights and the whole thing. One of the rules is that her hair has to be pulled back. Sora traditionally hates having anything done to her hair, but lately she has been requesting a lot of French braids. I'm still perfecting my technique and Sora's still perfecting the skill of sitting still. Today she chose half French braid, half pony tail.

While she is currently in an uber girly stage filled with princesses, unicorns, purple, pink, sparkly, Barbie, dancing, and all other pretty fluffy things, she also still does a good job of dancing to her own beat. She constantly reminds me of that with her silly mismatched outfits (often backwards or inside out) and funny hair.

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