Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Family Trip

Sora and I took our annual trip around the lake this past weekend to visit my brother's family while my parents happened to be in town too. Kyle happened to have a trip to New Orleans planned with his beer buddies for this same time frame which was very convenient.

It's a 9 hour drive or a 3 hour drive + a 1.5 hour train ride + a 2 hour layover + a 3 hour train ride. We chose the train ride so I could entertain Sora. She loved it.
She also loved dancing to the street musician outside of the train station in Chicago. This kid will dance anywhere!
On Saturday, Sora and her cousins went trick or treating downtown. They were all dressed as princesses (although the oldest was the queen).
 Sora, ever cautious of strangers, of course could not be convinced to say "trick or treat" or even "thank you", but did watch her cousin with much better manners.
 No trick or treating is complete without dunking cookies in hot chocolate.
 The girls all got along fabulously and shared grandma (and her iPad) nicely.

 There was a trip to the bouncy house, the park, the city pool, and a birthday party to keep them busy.

 And then it was over. My parents dropped us off at the train station.
Sora's big on paper dolls, which I love. She was also fascinated by all of the Amish on the trains and enjoyed people watching. We met several nice conductors (Amtrak is amazing - I only wish they had more options and it was a little faster and cheaper so we could ride them more often) and even a policeman in Chicago.
After a long trip yesterday, we are home and are already missing all the relatives!

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