Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween - For Reals

Since today was Halloween, Sora put on her fancy bee costume and headed for the places she was guaranteed candy: the dining hall, another staff house (on camp).

It also helps that all these women really like Sora so she got lots of attention and treats (she was their only trick or treater after all).

After we exhausted all of our friends with our company, Sora and I headed out to the nearby town to gather candy in masses. Where we live is extremely rural so door to door trick or treating isn't an option (unless you drive 30+ minutes to another town), so all the local businesses get together and pass out candy at the town hall. It's very quick and each group gives a TON of candy. In less than 7 minutes, Sora's basket was overflowing with goodies and she was ready to leave.

She made a sign so that she wouldn't have to talk to any strangers. This was both adorable and effective. She did run into a few friends at the town hall and was side tracked by a mummy hot dog, so we had to stay a few extra minutes, but our Halloween was extremely short. It was also raining very hard - maybe next year if Kyle is here we will all go to a more traditional experience together!

Interesting side note: I didn't realize how tiny our pool of local kiddos was until recently. The school district we live in is roughly 300 square miles and a total of 4,000 people live in it. That's a density of just 13.5 people per square mile. There's less than 500 kids in preK - 12 (less than 36 kids / grade). Obviously you can't compare that to Seattle (the last school district we lived in), but the "rural" school district my dad grew up in (outside of Bellingham with no town included) has a population density of 281 per square mile. This "rural" district has 4 times the kiddos and just over 10% of the square miles. Crazy! This definitely justifies my feeling that I live in the middle of nowhere.

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