Saturday, November 30, 2013

Diva at the Cinema

We have been waiting a long time to find the perfect movie to take Sora to in the theaters. She only recently started watching feature length movies, and she is still very easily frightened by the villains and chase scenes. She is also enamored with princesses, so we decided to take her to Frozen this weekend.

Before the movie, we got to stop for lunch at our favorite spot in town. Sora (and her doll just off to the left) enjoyed a hot dog and shake.
We sat at the counter and had a perfect view of the man behind the madness. He is there every single time we've come, masterfully grilling the buns, burgers, hot dogs and brats on the charcoal grill.
 And finally, after much anticipation, we arrived at the cinema! Unfortunately we did not have the foresight to realize how tiny each theater is and how quickly the early matinee would sell out.
Luckily, there weren't too many tears and we were able to kill another 3 hours before coming back again (this time with tickets) to catch the 4:30 show. We were the first ones in the theater this time, with the perfect seats!
Sora was a champ. She laughed adorably at just the right moments, didn't get too scared, and didn't have to take a bathroom break. A definitely positive first experience! From my perspective, this was also the perfect Disney movie. Although I try to support Sora's love of princesses and all things girly, we try to sneak in some "stronger" or non-traditional princess stories into her mix. This movie had the best of those strong characters - two sisters who truly love each other, no marriage scene, and challenging of the "love at first sight" mentality that princess movies typically thrive on. Also, the prince doesn't save the princess! I think I could watch this movie 10 more times (I should note that while Kyle enjoyed the film, he wasn't a fan of all the singing like Sora and I were). Sora's doll like it too!

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