Friday, November 29, 2013

Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

Kyle was inspired by Sarah Josephine Hale (the mother of our modern Thanksgiving holiday) and chose to dedicate this year's feast to her. He made many of her early 1900's dishes, with the help of his talented sous chef.

 This year he barbecued the delicious turkey. Very juicy and scrumptious.
Sora took a break from helping to eat with her new doll, Jackie. She arrived from grandma this morning and Sora was happy to have the company.
Sora also made place setting cards for us and our two friends that joined us. She also set the table.
 And now for the dishes! There were a lot, as usual.
 We had herb butter roasted turkey,
walnut sweet potato muffins, cheese biscuits (that looked like cookies), cranberry fig sauce with toasted pecans, bacon onion rye bread stuffing,
cider glazed carrots and smoked ham roasted brussels sprouts.
We also had an apple pudding pie for dessert.

After we were fully stuffed, we finally went on a walk. We picked out our Christmas tree that we will bring home in a few weeks.
Sora tried to eat as much snow as she could. Unfortunately for her, there wasn't really much. She did find some relatively clean snow on the trees though.
We were surprised to find the ice on the lake was actually pretty frozen. We've never walked on the ice on our Thanksgiving walk before, but it was perfect for walking on. The snow was just a dusting and it was very dry, so we drew in the snow with our feet. Sora said it was like a blank paper for us to draw on.

Because the ice is so incredibly smooth still, we're hoping to sneak in some ice skating very soon before it gets rough!

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