Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Like most kids, Sora loves to pretend. As she gets older, I love watching how her play changes. Here are some more recent developments:
Story time. She is letting the animals pick which book she reads them. This reminds me of camping with Annie Ring!
Sora always loves dress up, but lately she is very focused on getting ready to go to the ball. Here she is matching her Barbie doll (which "accidentally" got lost under our bed - this is not my favorite doll stage!).
And of course, now that Sora's in a more "real" dance class, she likes to have recitals in her room. Thankfully they're more ballet than tap focused.

We have had a very quiet November around here, but it's only because we're gearing up for December! We'll have plenty more to blog about soon.

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