Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Holidays

Our holiday season has been full of memories, but very few photos. We enjoyed dinner with camp friends on Christmas Eve and other camp friends on Christmas day. We spent Boxing day building forts with our empty boxes (and playing with all of Sora's new toys). Sora spent all of Friday playing - first at the YMCA for a Ballerina Princess Tea Party (I'm not sure they could cram one more girly thing in!), then back to camp to play with some of her favorite kiddos. She skied, sledded, snow ball fought, "boot" skated, and more. She was worn out after the full day and the next day (Saturday) she came down with something. It's been getting worse so now she is whispering only for the second day in a row and we've been having a lot of jammie time, screen time, snuggle time, reading time, and generally just being quiet time. This has worked out okay since it is freaking COLD here, "bitterly cold" according to the newspapers. Hopefully it will warm up soon and Sora will feel better soon so we can enjoy the magic of winter at camp!

Snow sport update:

Cross Country Skiing: LOVES it. Prefers it to walking most places. Falls often but with a great attitude.

Snowshoeing: Not her favorite. Way too much effort.

Ice Skating: LOVES it. We haven't done much of it yet this year, but we did go twice in one day. Big fan.

Sledding: Likes it. She doesn't like to get snow in her face or to go too fast.

Eating Snow: HUGE fan. This is by far her favorite snow-related activity.

Downhill Skiing: Interested in the prospect but terrified of rope tows. I'll keep you updated as we try this later this winter (hopefully).

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Over the past few years, Kyle and I have made a lot of new traditions for our Solstice celebration. It was fun to recreate those. We leave the lights and electronics off. We enjoy homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
We go on a solstice day walk. This year Sora opted for a family ski instead. This is the third time we've been skiing this year, but the first with Kyle. It's definitely one of those great things we get to do often because we live at camp. Sora is getting better and better and she has an amazing attitude!
 We looked for animal tracks in the snow. We found a lot of squirrel, rabbit, mice, and even deer!
We also stopped at the sled hill for a little family sled. Then we went home and decorated our solstice tree. We put a bunch of food on it for the animals (popcorn, cranberries, dried fruit, bird seed) as well as a bunch of these stars to represent the sun.

 After that, we open presents. We try to focus on homemade presents. Sora got a doll to color,
 a fort building kit (where we read a bunch of books)
 these cool moveable walls with chalkboards on two sides and a magnetic surface on one side (we made a puppet theater, wrote messages on the chalk board and with the moveable words, and played with the color blocks),
 and a bunch of new doll clothes for her doll. Sora posed the doll all over the house and had a photo shoot with her.
 Sora made both of us painted travel mugs at the pottery store (we both took her to the same store without realizing it and we both picked out the same thing for each other)!

Kyle made some delicious fish tacos for lunch.
 After lunch, Sora helped me make cupcakes.
 We sang a happy solstice song and enjoyed our cupcakes.
 Our evening was spent reading, playing games, and making up a lot of solstice songs and dances. I think my favorite was "I gave the sun my dad" and "Sun please come back tomorrow".
Happy solstice!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Sora has been partying a lot lately. Of course, we are too busy partying to stop and take any pictures. She recently went to see Santa (although there is no photographic evidence). The Santa in our local town gives the kids toys and they get to have a delicious hot dog dinner (which Sora preferred to the toys). Unfortunately Santa gave Sora a Barbie and because I'm crazy I made her give it away and buy something else (which she was surprisingly okay with).
At Kyle's staff party, Sora was busy climbing under the table, playing mitten puppets with the ladies, and being generally funny and adorable.
We also went to a local living history museum and partied like it was 1885. Sora listened to stories, watched a shadow play, and made an ornament.
 She and Kyle also practiced their mad dance skills at an old fashioned circle dance.

 It was very cold, as you can imagine!
We are hoping that it warms up to the 20s so we can enjoy more outdoor activities soon!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 7 & 8: Being Naughty & Tree Decorating

Every year, a nearby library hosts a "Naughty or Nice" day just before Christmas. This is such a cute idea. It's the last chance to be naughty before Santa counts. This is the third year we've gone - and the first that Sora really "got" it. She especially enjoyed defacing the dolls.

It was way too cold for the parade we had planned on going to (which was cancelled) so we went to town and ran errands instead. Kyle and I both took Sora to the same pottery painting place (without knowing it) to make presents for each other. Sora has done an excellent job of keeping the secrets of what she made each parent!

Yesterday we braved the cold weather and went outside for 5 minutes to cut down the tree we chose on Thanksgiving.

 Sora is very excited to wear her new Christmas dress at every opportunity.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 4: Christmas Music Dance Party

Sora loves a good dance party - especially one where she gets to listen to Christmas music and be in control of the remote control!

We also got to enjoy all the snow. 4" fell over the past 24 hours,

The snow was surprisingly wet (compared to the super dry snow we usually get that doesn't pack at all), so we were able to make a snowman and snowballs!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 3: Letter to Santa

Because of our efforts to make Santa a pretend figure to Sora, she really didn't want to write a letter to Santa since "it's not real anyway". She asked for "toys" since she already asked for more specific things from her grandparents. At least she's easy to please!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 2: Arts & Crafts

Our activity today involves making a surprise for the grandparents. Instead of spoiling it, I'll share some other crafty moments of the day.
It's a little hard to tell, but Sora was matching letters to the "Merry Christmas" written on the window. She was also playing with sticky yarn and snowflakes. I love having the sliding glass door to stick foam stuff on!
While at the fabric store yesterday, the sweet (super duper slow) lady who cut my fabric gave Sora 2 of the cardboard pieces that the bolts of fabric get wrapped up on to take home. She and Walker decorated them with crayons and markers. They became a bench, a bridge, and several styles of ramps.

Day 1: Nutcracker

I have been so exited for December to begin! This year, we are simplifying life by not doing the elf on the shelf. I'm also kind of excited about that. We are doing a countdown with an activity each day. You can see I forgot to take pictures before day 1 and 2.
 Day 1 was taking Sora to the Nutcracker. She was very excited. It's hard to tell, but here she is dancing down the hallway.

 We had good seats where we could all see very well (especially the doll).

 Sora loved it and her favorite part was the Waltz of the Flower dance near the end. There were pink, purple, teal and blue flower ballet dancers. Very pretty!