Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Holidays

Our holiday season has been full of memories, but very few photos. We enjoyed dinner with camp friends on Christmas Eve and other camp friends on Christmas day. We spent Boxing day building forts with our empty boxes (and playing with all of Sora's new toys). Sora spent all of Friday playing - first at the YMCA for a Ballerina Princess Tea Party (I'm not sure they could cram one more girly thing in!), then back to camp to play with some of her favorite kiddos. She skied, sledded, snow ball fought, "boot" skated, and more. She was worn out after the full day and the next day (Saturday) she came down with something. It's been getting worse so now she is whispering only for the second day in a row and we've been having a lot of jammie time, screen time, snuggle time, reading time, and generally just being quiet time. This has worked out okay since it is freaking COLD here, "bitterly cold" according to the newspapers. Hopefully it will warm up soon and Sora will feel better soon so we can enjoy the magic of winter at camp!

Snow sport update:

Cross Country Skiing: LOVES it. Prefers it to walking most places. Falls often but with a great attitude.

Snowshoeing: Not her favorite. Way too much effort.

Ice Skating: LOVES it. We haven't done much of it yet this year, but we did go twice in one day. Big fan.

Sledding: Likes it. She doesn't like to get snow in her face or to go too fast.

Eating Snow: HUGE fan. This is by far her favorite snow-related activity.

Downhill Skiing: Interested in the prospect but terrified of rope tows. I'll keep you updated as we try this later this winter (hopefully).

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