Monday, December 16, 2013


Sora has been partying a lot lately. Of course, we are too busy partying to stop and take any pictures. She recently went to see Santa (although there is no photographic evidence). The Santa in our local town gives the kids toys and they get to have a delicious hot dog dinner (which Sora preferred to the toys). Unfortunately Santa gave Sora a Barbie and because I'm crazy I made her give it away and buy something else (which she was surprisingly okay with).
At Kyle's staff party, Sora was busy climbing under the table, playing mitten puppets with the ladies, and being generally funny and adorable.
We also went to a local living history museum and partied like it was 1885. Sora listened to stories, watched a shadow play, and made an ornament.
 She and Kyle also practiced their mad dance skills at an old fashioned circle dance.

 It was very cold, as you can imagine!
We are hoping that it warms up to the 20s so we can enjoy more outdoor activities soon!

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