Thursday, January 30, 2014

Outside at Last!

We got 4" of snow today and temperatures in the 20s all day. It was the perfect day to play outside! 25 has never seemed so warm before. Sora and her 3 year old friend played outside for an hour - making snow angels, shoveling, pretending to plow with their bodies, and mostly eating snow.

I also got to fiddle with the SLR camera and find the perfect snow setting (the top photo is a little dark). After dinner, Sora spent an hour skating outside with the 7th grade girls here at camp. She was in heaven! She also identified Orion before I did and told me her theory that she has 3 lives and she is now in her second life (the first life was a shy life, the second life she talks to other people and says hi, it sounds like the third life is even more social). She talked to every kid who would listen and made quite a few new friends. She also skated like a camp - she was running around on her skates like a madman with very few tears! Tonight was the first night of kids in camp for the winter season so hopefully there will be many more evenings like this one.

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