Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stir Crazy

The temperatures here have been below crazy cold. School has been cancelled 4 days this month because of the cold and 1 day for snow (3 of these days happen to mean that Sora's dance class was canceled too). So, needless to say, we have spent a LOT of time inside lately. I think Sora and I are both going crazy. Here are a few pictures of our indoor life:
We have spent a lot of time in summer clothes snuggling under blankets.
 Sora has put together a lot of puzzles.
 We've done a lot of preschool projects. This week, we're studying China in preparation for Chinese New Year on Friday. Here Sora is constructing an abacus.
 We have played a lot of games.
We have tried a lot of random crafty variations (like painting with cars) to take away the winter blues. Luckily, Sora's birthday is coming up very soon and we'll have some new distractions!

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