Sunday, February 23, 2014

Swim and Gym

Sora's swim/gymnastics combo class just ended and Kyle had a surprise day with no kids so he was able to join us for Parent Day.

Sora's favorite gymnastics equipment was the bar.
 She was a little crazy at everything else.
In true Sora fashion, everything that she deemed "too hard" she didn't even attempt to do. It totally frustrates me and Kyle, and we've had a lot of conversations over the past year about trying the things your teachers ask you to do, but have made little progress.
 She likes swim class a little more...

She loves her teacher, who she has had for swim lessons for a while. We've had to talk about appropriate times to hug and kiss her teacher and inappropriate times (so that she can actually try to teach her something). Again, at the "hard" things, the teacher doesn't even ask Sora to try it since she knows she won't. But at everything else, Sora is getting much better and her 2 years of swim class are finally starting to pay off! Next session, Sora is transitioning into the school age classes (she's been in the 3-4 Preschool classes until now) so we're going to a new Y and will have new teachers and Sora won't be one of the oldest kids in her class. Should be interesting!

Also, on this same day Sora went to the doctor for her 5 year old check up. She's in the 40th % for height and 25th % for weight - pretty much on par for the rest of her check ups. She actually answered all of the doctors questions - she has been good at talking to strangers lately. Last year, she would barely even look at the doctor so this is a great improvement! We had to stop by the cupcake store before going home so that Sora could get a treat for doing such a great job. She's a very healthy normal kiddo (although a recent visitor to camp who teaches gifted kids decided that Sora's gifted, so who are we to argue)!

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