Sunday, February 16, 2014

Warm Weekend

After having a ridiculously cold winter, we had a beautifully warm weekend! It was almost 20, sunny, and not at all windy. With such a warm spell, we decided to celebrate by spending all weekend outside. On Saturday, there were a bunch of kids at camp for some various winter fun. Sora was so excited to chase around her friends, ice skate, and generally run camp.

The other day she was practicing her "spin leaps" on the ice. She's definitely very comfortable on the lake. I'm sure the layer of snow over the ice, which slows her down significantly, is a good thing in her case. When kids are here during the week she loves to skate with them after dinner. She usually finds 2-3 girls to befriend and then sticks to them like glue until skating is over.

Today, we decided to take Sora up to a nearby mountain with us for her first snowboarding session. Last year we had a pretty miserable experience with her trying to ski - we tried to put her in lessons, which was a colossal mistake because she was excruciatingly shy at the time, and she had a miserable experience with the rope tow.

This mountain didn't have child care, so quitting wasn't an option. In the morning, we went on the bunny hill and tried to teach Sora the basics. We weren't very good at explaining, and her mittens were too loose to really grab the rope tow (it just slipped through her hands) so we decided to take her up a lift. The lift ride was fine, but there was a lot of tears, frustration, and snot on the way down! We had lunch and tried the bribery approach. We also figured a different way of explaining the basics in language Sora could understand and we practiced on the ground before putting on the board.

Here is Sora, ready for a second chance:

 Sora practicing her "heel/toe dance".
 Goofy kiddo!
 Our easier (for Sora) alternative to the rope tow. This did tire Kyle out, but it was very effective!
After a second session (with NO tears!), Sora earned her marshmallow treat and a break in the lodge. She decided to go out one last time. The fact that there was a bar at the top of the lift that sold hot chocolate was a great motivator.

Sora went down the run that had caused so much tears and frustration earlier in the day like a champ! She didn't cry at all and actually got pretty good at going back on her heel edge to plow. Near the end, Sora was doing so well and Kyle tried to show off, but they fell and Kyle seriously hurt his ankle. Sora was fine though.

 Notice the smile! At bedtime, she told me that snowboarding was the funnest part of her day. Success!

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