Sunday, March 30, 2014

Life as we know it

This was our last "real" week in Wisconsin. We tried to do a lot of ordinary things.

Sora declared Tuesday "backwards day". We got to go to her favorite story time at the library.
Then we got to go to the dentist (for the third week in a row!). She had a cleaning, then fillings the following week, and we had to go back to get the fillings fixed so we could actually floss in between them. Luckily, there's a sweet play area in the waiting room.

Sora's such a big kid at the dentist! She happily goes back without me (this totally freaks me out, but she's happy) and doesn't cry at all. She's very excited about the prize at the end as well as watching the TV on the ceiling during her appointment.

Sora had her last "real" dance class. Here she is with Miss Anne. We have to miss her recital, but we do get to sneak into picture day, so there will at least be some memento from dance class (besides the expensive dress I bought her).
On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Sora's friends came over for the last time. We've been watching a little boy for the past 3 years 2-3 days a week and for the past few months we also have his 3 year old cousin once a week. He is an only sibling, so he and Sora are like mock siblings at times with many ups and downs. This week was mostly ups. Sora enjoyed all the last minute projects we could throw together.
We also played outside a lot. We got 4" of snow on Friday and our power went out for 4 hours. Since the snow never melted before, another 4" didn't make a lot of difference.

Sora hates putting on all her winter clothes to go outside, but once it's done, she loves playing in the snow and mud.

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