Sunday, March 30, 2014

Maple Syrup

Yesterday, despite the lack of sap flowing from trees, was the Maple Syrup Festival here at camp. Kyle's in charge of the educational piece of the day and he really dressed the part.

Sora and I helped with the crafts. She also got to play outside in the snow a lot, which is always fun.

Near the end, Kyle's boss and co-workers surprised him with a tribute. Ken said some very sweet things about Kyle and gave us presents.

Then, Kyle got to lead his signature camp song. You can see by his expressions where Sora gets her dramatic flair from.

 Afterwards, there was cake and ice cream.
And after the event was all finished, Sora and her friend Doreen had a spinning date. They've been meaning to get to do this for a long time now, and it was the perfect end to a great day!
While we are excited about our next chapter, there are several special people who have touched our lives while we have been in Wisconsin that we will really miss! We have been lucky to be surrounded by such a great "family" while we've been so far away from our other family.

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