Sunday, March 23, 2014

Saying Goodbye

So while Kyle and I are ecstatic to be moving back to Washington, Sora is having some mixed emotions. It's hard for us to realize that Wisconsin is really the only home she remembers! We made a list of everyone and everything that we need to say goodbye to before we leave. Sora added the toy store herself - tricky girl!
The first on our list was story time. This was our last week with Miss Cindy and Sora and her friend Walker had a lot of fun. The theme was circles and Cindy served a snack of plain peas which Sora and Walker devoured 3 bowls full each! This is kind of full circle because we almost stopped going to this story time when Sora was a toddler because of the terrible snacks (there once was a GIANT marshmallow with frosting to go with it as a snack at story time).
On Saturday, we said goodbye to Sora's swim class and gymnastics class. She had recently switched to a "big kid" class and was less enamored so this wasn't a hard goodbye to say. The toy store has free projects on Saturdays, so Sora got to make a cool purse in addition to playing with all of the fun toys.

 We also had to run some errands, so Sora got to practice her photography skills with Jackie.
Today we said goodbye to the candy store. It's hard to tell, but she really is happy I promise! Her favorite candy, a chocolate round with a yellow smiley face tinfoil wrapper, was gone and she was a little disappointed.

We also stopped at our favorite bar for lunch. I had the meal of a Bloody Mary (with a beer chaser in the back which of course Kyle drank for me).
 Sora got to pretend to shoot stuff while Kyle finished his all you can eat wings. An excellent Wisconsin day!

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