Friday, April 18, 2014

Camp Kid

After a long few weeks of driving across the country, living out of suitcases and overstaying our welcome enjoying our family, we are finally at our "camp house". We are staying up at camp this spring and will be settling into our "town house" in August just before Sora starts school.

Camp is beautiful! It is right on a gorgeous mountain lake.
Sora loves our "camp house" but is also anxious to move to our "real" house.
There was a day group here yesterday and Sora got to go hiking with Kyle up to the waterfall. This camp is the perfect size - after her hike, she got to hang out outside while Kyle took another group hiking and I led crafts inside.
 Sora is excited to explore around camp.

 Our house is small, but cute. It's actually a good size for our family. Here is Sora's bedroom. There isn't any door to slam. If you look closely though, you can see the door to our bedroom past the toy area.
 Sora has been very excited about decorating.
 And here is the downstairs. There's also a small kitchen and bathroom.
We are still feeling a bit discombobulated with most of our stuff in storage until we move in August, but we're starting to try to get a routine back and are getting settled into camp life.

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Krista Dooley said...

Welcome to Washington. I'm happy to are getting back into a routine. Looking forward to seeing what adventures this new camp brings to your family.