Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Sora and Grandma D are currently flying over the country to Washington. These past few days have been packed with goodbyes and Sora was ready to leave.
We had one last play date on Sunday with some friends. These were the first friends Sora met in Wisconsin (their mom was Kyle's boss) so it seemed fitting that it was also our last friends we saw. As you can see, Sora was done saying goodbye. Because of this, I tried to limit the posed photos this week.
 Although silly poses are okay.
 Sora's last lunch at the dining hall. She likes to "help" Kyle with running the meal.
 She also loves hot dogs! After the meal, she spun in the back of the dining hall and 10 5th grade boys joined her. It was pretty priceless.
We will have to miss Sora's dance recital, but we did get to participate in picture day. Her outfit is so cute! I think I'm sadder about not getting to see her perform than she is.
 Her favorite part of dance class was playing afterwards, which she got to do a little of before we had to leave.
 Since it's still the dead of winter here, Sora got to go skating with the kids last night. She loves skating and loves playing with the big kids, so it's a perfect combination. Her ego might be inflated slightly due to the fact she thinks she's the best one on the ice (although to be fair, she can hold her own).
 On the cold walk home, we stopped to read the signs. This was the first thing Sora ever read! When she was 3, we would go for walks and she always wanted to read the signs so we taught her "is" "in" and "it" and she would read those words while we read the rest. Now she can read most of the signs by herself!
And here's proof that Grandma D was here in Wisconsin. She was here less than 48 hours before turning around and flying to WA with Sora. I'm sure the next few days will be harder and more boring for us having to pack and drive across country in the U-Haul than they will be for Sora who gets to spend quality time with her grandparents!

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