Sunday, May 11, 2014

Screen Free Week

Screen Free Week kicked off on Sunday while my parents were in town. We enjoyed a relaxing hike through the woods.

Mom let Sora lead her up a mountain.
We saw a bald eagle's nest as well.
And we finally made it to the waterfalls.

Sora has really been loving on the papas lately which is a lot of fun to see!
Afterwards, we headed to town for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Sora loved the food (especially the ice cream) but was disappointed by the lack of dancers.
We were entertained briefly by clowns, but they only spoke Spanish so we didn't really get their jokes.
We spent a lot of time outside this week. Sora and I found a new cool spot where we can climb the trees.

We had to take Kyle and show him all the rocks and cool trees.

We also found a lot of cool wildflowers, went to story time at the library and ended up making a friend and staying for 2 hours playing. Sora went to an organized PE for homeschoolers, but was unimpressed when she realized she would never win at dodge ball (although for being one of the youngest - she held her own pretty well). It also had a swim lesson and free play in the pool involved which Sora liked a lot more. Friday we headed to Kyle's mom for his grandma's memorial. Saturday, Sora got to play with her cousin and several of Kyle's cousin's kids, which was a lot of fun (too much fun actually - she's super tired now!). We capped off the end of screen free week with extra screen time by going to the movies today. We saw Bears, which was of course about a mother bear, and was very fitting for Mother's Day. It was a super cute movie.

As always, screen free week was harder for me and Kyle than for Sora. We had some nice adult time though, involving blueberry mojitos, and a lot of extra reading time.

Just before screen free week, we had a work weekend up at camp. Kyle had an amazing turn out, and it was great to see him be "the boss" in a real way. Sora also got to meet some other kids and we got to meet some other adults. They also got a ton done around camp. We are ready for summer to come any day now!

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