Thursday, June 12, 2014

Family Love

Our life has been crazy busy buying a house, job hunting, and getting ready for summer camp to start! Among all of this craziness we have seen a lot of family and taken very few pictures. 

Our latest trip to visit my parents was full of good photo ops! We were busy eating cupcakes:
 Going to parades (with lots of candy of course):
 Eating lunch at a local cheese place (grilled cheese, of course):
 Trying to beat papa at checkers (Sora's favorite game):
 Smiling and posing for mom:
 Oh, and I was there too!
 Sora's been very excited about dogs lately. Here she is petting a random dog at the restaurant.
 We went to the Highland Games while we were in town. Sora's favorite part was the playground.
 There were some crazy strong women!
 And a lot of kilts.

 We looked up our family tartans. There were 3 pages of McPhersons, so here is just one which may (or may not) be my tartan.
We also went out to the beach. Sora swam at a beach the day before in her panties due to my lack of planning, but this day we remembered her suit and towel.
This kid is crazy - it wasn't that warm out, and this is is the Puget Sound, but that didn't stop her from swimming her heart out!

Our trip was long, but felt short since we were very busy the whole time we were there. We are hoping for a few quiet-ish weeks up at camp before staff training and the summer craziness begins!

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