Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Staff Have Arrived!

The camp summer staff have arrived and are busy being trained by Kyle. This means he is super busy and Sora and I have a lot of time to fill. Sora is excited about making new friends and is slowly letting more and more staff into the inner circle. Luckily Kyle's program directors made the cut early on.

Sora also finally took her training wheels off of her bike. She's not crazy about the idea still, but thanks to all the practice on the balance bike, she is really good at riding without training wheels! No major spills yet. There are a lot of hills here at camp to ride on which is both good and bad of course.
And in other news, I officially have a job! I will be working at a school that is 3 blocks from our new house, in between our house and Sora's school, and has the same school year calendar as Sora. This means I can breathe easy and I can now spend all of Kyle's hard earned money decorating our house. Only 23 days until we close on the dream house!

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