Sunday, July 27, 2014

Picture Walk

Sora loves taking pictures and going for walks, so a picture walk of our neighborhood was high on our to-do list! Sora took all the flower photos - there were some more of people's sprinklers and front yards. I just hope we didn't creep out our new neighbors with Sora's budding photography skills. Luckily she's cute so that helps.

This is a tree in our front yard. It's perfect for climbing and I have high hopes that as Sora grows up, this tree will be a wonderful place to read a book and be by herself.
Our house is basically all set up. We still need to buy a bunch of stuff, but it's relatively functional at this point. One of the things on our list is to buy a desk. I had one in mind, but when I saw this at the Re Store, it was better than I had planned and only $8. I'm thinking about painting the black metal another color... We also bought a filing cabinet. It came with 100+ hanging files and was only $15. Kyle thinks I'm crazy, but now that I have my own filing cabinet, I really feel like a grown up. My mom has had one for as long as I can remember and she kept all of her important "grown up" things in there. Now Sora can have something to aspire to.
I have set up my crafting area (nook) and loved the sight of my somewhat color-coordinated spool holder. I've had this for a few years and this is the first time it has actually been put on the wall. Love it!
And for good measure, here are some pictures of Sora at the last camp dance. She got there early to break in the dance floor in one of her many princess dresses.

She is hoping to wear a different princess dress to each of the remaining dances this summer. She is a hoot to watch at the dances - they are on Thursday, so Sora has had plenty of time to make a lot of friends throughout the week and she spends the dance floating around the room from one friend group to the next. Such a social butterfly - she totally takes after Kyle!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Digs

We officially moved into our new house on Saturday. We met with the Relator at 8 to get the keys and while we were touring the property, Sora got stung by a bee on the face. She was very upset, but got over it quickly and luckily isn't afraid of the back yard like I thought she might be.

Kyle had to go back to camp on Sunday, but Sora and I went back to our house for a few days to organize and get ready. Here's the garage so far. Not too many boxes left (the big stack by the door are empty)!

Sora is very excited about all of the fruit in our back yard. We washed the car last night, so of course it rained this morning.

Here you can see our raspberry plants and blueberry bushes that Sora is trying to get to. The previous owners put in a very elaborate automatic sprinkler system that also includes watering the garden. This is particularly awesome because I love gardening but being gone at camp so much in the summer I didn't think it was a reality - there will still be a lot of weeding on the weekends, but with the garden being watered every day, I think we might have some pretty sweet herbs and veggies next year to go with the fruit!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Scavenger Hunt

Sora's free time is definitely highly influenced by the camp culture. Today, she made up a scavenger hunt for us to do, complete with rules. She is very structured!

To interpret:
-to not go in any buildings
-stay in camp
-pick up garbage
-pick up things in list
Find sticks
5 red rocks
1 red card

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Horse Camping

We enjoyed a quiet weekend horse camping near White Pass. Papa D brought 2 horses (Beau & Dakota) for us to ride. Sora loved riding 4 times and even got to go on a trail with Papa. Maleah went on ride with Papa too. We celebrated a quiet forth of July with pop its and table decorations Maleah made as a kiddo. Sora loved playing with Cooper and tried to lead him all over the camp ground. Even Grandma D got in on the action (briefly).

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mini Camp

Sora had a great time at camp! She stayed in a cabin with 4 other 5 & 6 year olds and 2 brave counselors. As far as I can tell, she liked almost all of it, especially the campfires, arts & crafts, wobbly bridge, swimming, and of course the food at the dining hall.

 Here she is (in the middle) with her "village" on a hike.
She said outdoor environmental ed. wasn't her favorite (here she is holding hands with one of her friends). I'm hoping it's just because we do so much of it on our own that it wasn't that new.
 She somehow got to wear pajamas all day which really made her happy. Apparently she got wet in a boat, but I know she had plenty of clothes. Anyway, here she is at the archery range. Her arrow didn't hit the target (or even the bales), but she tried something new and her arrow did go in the air, so I'm counting that as a success.
Arts & crafts was her favorite. She made a picture for herself and a bracelet for Katnip, the Arts & Crafts director (who also happens to be among her favorite staff members).
Sora didn't have enough time to change before the scavenger hunt. They did find everything on the list!
When she came home, I told her next year she could go again or she could go to regular camp for a whole week. Without hesitation, she said she wants to go for a whole week!