Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Digs

We officially moved into our new house on Saturday. We met with the Relator at 8 to get the keys and while we were touring the property, Sora got stung by a bee on the face. She was very upset, but got over it quickly and luckily isn't afraid of the back yard like I thought she might be.

Kyle had to go back to camp on Sunday, but Sora and I went back to our house for a few days to organize and get ready. Here's the garage so far. Not too many boxes left (the big stack by the door are empty)!

Sora is very excited about all of the fruit in our back yard. We washed the car last night, so of course it rained this morning.

Here you can see our raspberry plants and blueberry bushes that Sora is trying to get to. The previous owners put in a very elaborate automatic sprinkler system that also includes watering the garden. This is particularly awesome because I love gardening but being gone at camp so much in the summer I didn't think it was a reality - there will still be a lot of weeding on the weekends, but with the garden being watered every day, I think we might have some pretty sweet herbs and veggies next year to go with the fruit!

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Lori said...

Congratulations! From the sneak peeks, it looks like a perfect house! Maybe we'll get to see it in real life some time? It doesn't seem too crazy now that we're in the same state, right?!