Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day

Sora's first official day of school was today! It was only 2 hours - tomorrow it will be from 10-3 so it will seem like a "real" day. She will start her full day of 8:30-3 next Wednesday. As you can see, she was pretty excited.

On a side note, we were told that she would need to start off with just 1 hour a day with the 3 year olds since she was a new student. That made me nervous that she wouldn't like school as much or click with the 4 & 5 year olds, but after Sora's intake assessment with the teacher yesterday, she decided Sora was ready to go with the returning students. She did some reading and math work with the teachers and wowed them with her crazy skills. She argued with the teacher over the correct pronunciation of "a". The teacher was trying to get her to say sounds instead of names and was saying aaah like apple. Sora was saying that it doesn't always sound that way and used the word car as an example. Also, when the teacher held up 1 rod vertically with 3 stripes on it and asked Sora what it was, she answered 1. The teacher turned it sideways hoping to get Sora to see the 3 stripes and Sora told her that it's still a 1 even on it's side. Kyle and I are excited to send her to a Montessori school where the teacher will appreciate her unique and stubborn take on life hopefully a little more than a traditional school.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Things I love

So it's been over a month now, and I am officially in love with our house. I should probably document this now before I move out of the honeymoon phase into the everything needs to be fixed phase.

Below are some of the highlights:

Our fridge. Isn't it clean and organized? It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the red baskets are actually labeled. Because I'm crazy like that.

Sora is obsessed with collecting paint chips. I had enough laying around to make this new wall dry erase calendar without even leaving the house. It's very Pinterest worthy.
Kyle doesn't like this, but I love how the mail comes right into the house. Sora's gone for a few days and she got mail, so I am leaving it right on her floor for her to find tomorrow when she comes back. Oh, and I also love that she has my loft bed from college and my childhood dresser. My mom's a hoarder and now that we live closer I can take full advantage!
I love our grass! We have this awesome 4 part automatic sprinkler that the previous owners installed and our grass is gorgeous. Also, we inherited a reel lawn mower from Kyle's parents and I love mowing the yard with it, which is good since we need to do it twice a week. I'm amazed every time I use it at how awesome it works.
Another part of the sprinkler system waters the garden. I love that we have herbs, tomatoes, zucchini, and tons of fruit growing with very little effort on my part. Also, Kyle took out the ugly bush and next year we can have more vegetables and herbs. And the previous owners took really good care of the garden so weeding is a snap!
Also, the previous owners left a huge hose in the front and back yards that are both on these nice looking wheels. It makes our lives easier and I love them.
There are so many other things I love that I could probably go on for hours: the super strong spray on the sink (more than just the normal spray), the fact that Kyle and I prefer different showers and can shower at the exact same time, the fact that we have two toilets so I can actually lock the door, the list goes on and on. I think you get the idea.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

To Do Lists

Sora stayed at home with Kyle while I had a 2 day training earlier this week. Sora chose to make to do lists both days, the first is really hard to read because of the pink marker (and the fact that a 5 year old made it doesn't help of course). 

List of 36 and a 5 year olds
Post office
Re Store
Pick blackberries
Hardware store for light

The second day was broken into categories (in town and by our house). 
This list includes:
Clean house
Hardware store
Toy / garden store
Costco (where they learned sadly that there are no samples on Tuesdays).

I love her creative spelling - she's kind of a perfectionist, and since she's such an amazing reader she usually knows when words are spelled wrong and gets frustrated when she can't spell every word correctly. Anyway, just the fact that she's willing to be wrong and just spell the way that makes the most sense to her is amazing!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Family Time

Grandma D had a few days off of work so she came to visit us in Yakima. We were super busy canning jam to take pictures. We rushed off to camp Sunday morning and grandma got a taste of camp life before we left on Tuesday morning for Seattle.

Sora loves Ikea almost as much as I do, so we bought some stuff for the house and went back to school and back to work shopping before heading to the hotel. I have a 5 year old cousin in Seattle who got to come swim with Sora and spend the night at the hotel with us. The duo of 5 year old cuteness was almost too much to handle!
We did a little more shopping in the morning with both girls.
Trying on shoes at Nordstrom Rack was like heaven - I think we created some shoe monsters! Here is their version of twins.
After shopping, we headed to a nearby park. The girls played at the splash pad for about an hour before discovering the beach and lake.

The park is in SeaTac right by the airport, but Sora didn't even notice all the airplanes until we were at the park for over 2 hours - she was too busy playing I guess. Also right before we left to drive back to camp, Sora found the free food booth. They were giving out chips and chocolate milk - what's not to love? Sora, lover of all free food, was very excited.

Grandma hitched a ride to the bus station with my uncle and cousin so Sora and I could avoid some of the traffic and we got back to camp in 2.5 hours. Pretty sweet!