Thursday, August 7, 2014

Family Time

Grandma D had a few days off of work so she came to visit us in Yakima. We were super busy canning jam to take pictures. We rushed off to camp Sunday morning and grandma got a taste of camp life before we left on Tuesday morning for Seattle.

Sora loves Ikea almost as much as I do, so we bought some stuff for the house and went back to school and back to work shopping before heading to the hotel. I have a 5 year old cousin in Seattle who got to come swim with Sora and spend the night at the hotel with us. The duo of 5 year old cuteness was almost too much to handle!
We did a little more shopping in the morning with both girls.
Trying on shoes at Nordstrom Rack was like heaven - I think we created some shoe monsters! Here is their version of twins.
After shopping, we headed to a nearby park. The girls played at the splash pad for about an hour before discovering the beach and lake.

The park is in SeaTac right by the airport, but Sora didn't even notice all the airplanes until we were at the park for over 2 hours - she was too busy playing I guess. Also right before we left to drive back to camp, Sora found the free food booth. They were giving out chips and chocolate milk - what's not to love? Sora, lover of all free food, was very excited.

Grandma hitched a ride to the bus station with my uncle and cousin so Sora and I could avoid some of the traffic and we got back to camp in 2.5 hours. Pretty sweet!

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