Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day

Sora's first official day of school was today! It was only 2 hours - tomorrow it will be from 10-3 so it will seem like a "real" day. She will start her full day of 8:30-3 next Wednesday. As you can see, she was pretty excited.

On a side note, we were told that she would need to start off with just 1 hour a day with the 3 year olds since she was a new student. That made me nervous that she wouldn't like school as much or click with the 4 & 5 year olds, but after Sora's intake assessment with the teacher yesterday, she decided Sora was ready to go with the returning students. She did some reading and math work with the teachers and wowed them with her crazy skills. She argued with the teacher over the correct pronunciation of "a". The teacher was trying to get her to say sounds instead of names and was saying aaah like apple. Sora was saying that it doesn't always sound that way and used the word car as an example. Also, when the teacher held up 1 rod vertically with 3 stripes on it and asked Sora what it was, she answered 1. The teacher turned it sideways hoping to get Sora to see the 3 stripes and Sora told her that it's still a 1 even on it's side. Kyle and I are excited to send her to a Montessori school where the teacher will appreciate her unique and stubborn take on life hopefully a little more than a traditional school.

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